Miss Fortunes...The Supreme Fetishist

Call ME Miss Fortunes, Mommy, or Holly - NEVER Mistress.
You will worship me for how I make you feel... not because I order you to.  Highly Deviant, confident, and FUN wrapped into The ONE and ONLY Supreme Fetishist.

Call me an instigator, facilitator, educator. I don't try to be everything for all of you. I select the few of you that I really want to spend time with, doing the things I really enjoy. I enjoy causing, observing, and controlling rapture. 

Talking to me is easy...as long as you speak to me with respect. Remember...I'm not an escort - I'm a fetishist (WAY kinkier and far more skilled). I'm entertained by the unusual. Activities can be discussed upon arrival. 

The "menu" of items I list are merely a handful of ways to achieve our mutual goal. I have every human resource available for your perverted needs and I enjoy sharing...

C'mon...this shit is supposed to be fun right? This kind of play doesn't have to be scary, with someone like me its not.


Know, AND ARTICULATE, your boundaries...or I'll do what I want, you can count on it!  


Call Me! (480) 238-3309

Online Chat... you can find me online @ Windows live Messenger screen name "not-taking-anymore@hotmail.com"

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