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You all know that I adore my Xdressers...makes me less Bi-sexual and more and more a Lesbian. There is something so irresistable about a hot guy dressed and ready to go out. Anyway...enjoy the new pics, more of you are trusting my discretion and I truly recognize how difficult it can be to trust anyone these days. Slutty hotness with some class!

An Archive is Re-Birthed (again) in Honor of Fantastic Crossdressers I Love!
It seems that finally a new generation of men are tired of the granny panty traditions, men who want to be embraced for their feminine side, nurtured into their most slutty hotness, not dressed like a clown and ridiculed.

Let me be clear, I LOVE dressing men. I LOVE teaching this new generation all the tricks to being real...because I know, the closer we come to the stripper sexy you are looking for, the more likely you are to be fulfilled when TAKEN. Dont look to me to shame and humiliate you for wanting to wear stockings...I love you in them too. Dont look to me to mock or sneer at you in Heels, let me help you learn to walk with sytle...
I repost this Panty Thursday whenever I meet a new Favorite...Tuesday I met a wonderful young man of the Next Generation. Never had make-up (the real deal), eyelashes, never had an enema administered, newbie virgin who came PREPARED... he had great taste is slut wear. He didn't bring me grandma's fixin's complete with pearl set. NO...he brought me hot pink! He let me have my fun and listened and learned and was willing to explore with NO DRAMA. I do love a new little bitch.

and now...back to our archived ORIGINAL posting from September... I got a call the other day from a young man with a dilemma. He wants to continue cross dressing but promised his wife he would stop. So, he continues to take unnecessary risks at home by using her make-up and products…continues to hide his need. Why? Because the urge to be slutty girls is so strong.
Feminizing with makeup can be difficult without someone to guide and teach a man the tricks we women know and utilize. Women go through the process of enhancing our feminine traits routinely and I can immediately assist you with enhancing your best features. I have years of experience and a myriad of techniques/products to assist you. I can teach you how to create your best self for the moment, whether you are looking for a strong slutty she-devil or an innocent dewy eyed young girl.

I can also teach you how to use false eyelashes (I wear them almost everyday) to create whatever effect you are looking for. I get calls from men saying “I want my makeup to look just like yours”.

Believe me gentlemen, its possible! Its all about the eyelashes…hard to learn and totally worth it!
I have a cross dresser in my family and I did his makeup every weekend for many years…crazy good fun!

I’m posting this to NORMALIZE this need some men have to become women or girls for a moment. Frequently I hear, “I’m not gay”. Some CD are and some aren’t…the two are not irrevocably intertwined. Wearing women’s clothing, panties, stockings, shoes, and feminizing your face and hair in no way means you want your partner to be a man. It means you honor what is feminine and find it stimulating. Simple.

So, I challenge you to stop hiding at home, stop using your wife/mother/sister’s stuff and getting in trouble, come over (discretion guaranteed), have a glass of wine, and get your eyelash groove on sista!
If, after you are your most slutty or innocent self…you wish to role play something fun, tell me! Often we are at our most naughty when we are at our most slutty.
It takes about 2 hours for complete fun…don’t be in a hurry and I won’t either!
I have safe storage available so you can leave your stuff here (lots do), Everyone knows I won't share. Ladies...if you feel like purging, bring your stuff here and think about it. I hate hearing these stories of getting rid of everything only to start over and wish you hadn't six months later! 

This is ONE OF THE ONLY activities I will  leave the batcave for. Love me well, I'm bringing clothes, hair, makeup, toys, good LAWD! And...only to nicer resorts/hotels.

If you just want to practice makeup often, let me know.. Makeup/dressup is fun for me!
I take the time to prepare your session so you are center stage, don't call unless you plan on attending your own party! 

Call Me! (480) 238-3309

Online Chat... you can find me online @ Windows live Messenger screen name "not-taking-anymore@hotmail.com"

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