Miss Fortunes...The Supreme Fetishist

Specific Fetishes

Tease and Denial until u dribble

Bound Tickle

Sensual Domination and Torture



Public shaming- I can think of a hundred ways to make you blush and want to crawl under the carpet...how far you wanna take this? I could tie you to the hitchin post and have an audience come over to ridicule you...or we could supervise your Brazilian waxing at the salon. Or....
How about we have lunch...you eat on the floor. 

, Paddles, Flogging, Crops...I do not enjoy pu
nishment with no context, gimmee some substance when you tell me how you've been naughty.

ANYTHING ANAL- at this point most people know I have a serious anal fixation. Bring me a cool toy and I'll....bring you to the white light muthafucka (c'mon, lighten up).

*Prostate Massage with a special naughty twist. Shhhh....its a secret you can only discover when you arrive.  This is a Specialty of Mine. If you think you've had it done well...think again.

Strap On- There is a reason I'm SO good at this...cuz I KNOW what feels good!

Sissy Bois/Xdress- I have many special ideas just for you (My favorite people on Earth), SO included. Safe storage available. 2hr X-dressing and role play...maybe a Forced Bi scene?





 FemDom delights... get ready to get wet. 

Queening/Smothering... with SQUIRTING!!! See that little area between open chair and floor?

Golden Showers- I do enjoy this, but since I'm a high volume squirter I'd rather get my fun out of it!


Fuck Toy Cage


Miss Fortunes

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